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Becoming an Esthetician means everything to me.  Thank you for guiding me in that direction. L.R.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” –William Arthur Ward……………Thank you so much for the inspiration. It meant the world to us. T. & D.


This extra special thank you note holds more than any word can say, for you’re the nicest person, teacher I have known, and you’ll never be forgotten. A.P.


Words can’t express how I feel towards you. You have done so much for me since day 1. I’ve come this far because of you, you believed in me and pushed me. You mean so much to me and you are a very special person. I will always remember you for your sweetness and patience. Y.P.


I can’t thank you enough for everything! I feel so lucky to have you for my instructor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me! You are my inspiration. K.N.


Thank you for everything! You have made these last 7 months go by faster than expected.  This was quite a journey I will never forget. It’s not often you find an instructor who is dedicated. You are an AMAZING woman. R.O.


You have made this journey such a fun and easy ride. You have taught me so much and make me want to keep learning.  There are a few people who have the passion for what you do, so I would just like to say “don’t stop teaching.“ N.


I just want to say thank you for inspiring N. and showing her unlimited possibilities.  It is you that created excitement in her new found profession which will change her life and the people she is surrounded by. K. & N.


I learned a lot of things from you. You are my role model and my guru. P.


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