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In the Esthetician program, you will learn from our experienced instructor(s):  European facial massage, how to effectively perform facial treatments using high frequency machine, Microdermabrasion machine, transdermal delivery and moisture infusion machine, chemical peels, makeup, (strip) eyelash application, facial waxing.

The practical training includes students working on each other, receiving facial procedures from fellow students, and/or working on clients.


This 600 clock hour program will cover all technical and practical subjects as required by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Current schedules available:

DAY: Mon, Tue, and Wednesday 8:30am-2pm  OR
        Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 8:30am-2pm

Evening: Tuesday, Wednesday, and
Thursdayi 5:30 pm-10:30 pm


Complete in approximately 8.3 months (day schedule)
months (evening schedule)


How will you be prepared for your new career?
The beauty and wellness industry is a hands-on industry and our classes will prepare students accordingly, through classroom lectures and practical work. Students will practice their skills on mannequins, fellow students, and eventually, on clients. Students will receive their lectures and practical through video presentations, live demonstrations, and guest speakers. Students work with professional equipment commonly used in professional salons.


Working on clients.
During the levels of training, you will work on family and friends and, as you progress to the next levels of training, you will work on clients.


How do I get my license?
Upon completion of the program you will receive a Certificate of Completion and you will be able to take your State Board Examination in the chosen program.

Throughout your program we prepare you for your State Board exam. A license in your chosen program will be granted by the State of California only after you have passed the licensing exam.


Finding a job.
While we do not guarantee you a job, we will assist students in their job searches after they have successfully completed their studies, by offering information on job opportunities and temporary assignments and guidance, preparing resumes, developing job interviewing skills, identifying job position openings, following up with employers after interviews, developing and utilizing a network of professional contacts who can aid the job search effort.

In addition to the graduate services available to students, career-planning concepts are also integrated into the curriculum in all programs. Students participate in specific sessions that cover interviewing techniques, networking, resume writing, and professional dress and conduct.


When will the next class begin?
We offer day and evening, classes (Sat included). Classes start once a month.


What do I need to enroll in the classes?

-High School diploma or GED

-You will need a driver's license or government issued photo identification

-Social Security Card


GET STARTED…..GET SALON READY …. CALL/TEXT 951.212.7030 for an appointment with our Admission Advisor



**What is CIDESCO?  The CIDESCO Diploma is the world's prestigious qualification for Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy which has set international standards since 1957. The CIDESCO Diploma is commonly referred to as "The PhD in Skin Care and Body Therapy". (To read more about it go to


DAY schedule available:

Mon, Tue, and Wednesday  8:30am-2pm OR
Thu, Fri, and Sat 8:30am - 2pm

EVENING schedule:

Tue, Wed, and Thur 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Skin care to include:
 Skin Analysis
  Manual exfoliation
  Mechanical exfoliation
  Chemical exfoliation
  European Facial Massage
  Mask application
Various facial treatments:
  Acne, Anti-Aging, Chemical Peels,
  Brightening, Firming, etc,
Back Facial

Facial Cupping
  High Frequency
  LED Lights
Makeup incl. Artificial (strip) lashes application
Hair Removal: Face
Spa/Salon Skills
Business Development
State Board Preparation

History & Career Opportunities
Professional Image, Communication for Success
Infection Control
Anatomy & Physiology
Skin Structure, Growth, Disorders and Diseases
Facial Treatments
Makeup incl. Artificial lashes application
Advanced Topics & Treatments
Product ingredients 
Basics of Chemistry and Electricity
Skin Care Business Development, 

Resume writing
State Board Preparation

We offer the following ADVANCED (certified) classes as stand alone classes:

Eyelash Extensions


Body Waxing

Brazilian Waxing

Brow/lash Tinting

Brow Lamination

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