Eyelash Extensions Supplies

Eyelash Curler - heated $12

Eyepads - 1 pair $1

Eyelash Tray mixed C curl 0.15 $20

Glue 5 ml $19

Glue Remover $10

Jade stone $3

Mascara wand - 50/pk (spoolie) $3.50

Micro Brushes - 50/pk medium $4

Mirror $10

Sealant $10

Tape $2

Tweezer - pair (curved & straight) $12

Mag/LED Light $23

Skin Care Products
Active Cleansing Gel  $26 plus tax

Active Cleansing Gel (with AHA & BHA) is made up of a deep cleansing, oil-free formula that thoroughly removes excess oil, surface impurities, and make-up. It helps exfoliates dead cells, due to Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and natural enzymes. Active Cleansing Gel is recommended for normal-to-oily, oily, and problem skin types.